January 16, 2010

More like Europe My ASS!

Italy's Prime Minister seems to be reaching too far into the "Conflict of Interest" cookie jar in a recent Italian law proposal outed on Slashdot. This is the sort of thing that happens when you have a member of the government, high or low, making policy that directly effects an industry they have a financial interest in. The requirement that internet users participate in a vetting process for their content obliterates the anonymity the internet is supposed to be able to maintain, should a user choose to remain anonymous. The other side of things is that the internet is a competing media format to television, and the PM of Italy holds a controlling interest over a TV broadcast company in Italy. Strange, huh? What's to stop him from ordering the "YouTube Approval Board" at the Communications Ministry to deny upload access to all content that would be remotely compelling, or politically contrary to his views? Yeah, more like Europe is exactly the direction we should go... Morons!

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