January 16, 2010

Gray Grass?

So the Silicon Valley's water woes continue. So much so that instead of driving innovation into water reclamation through treatment and recycling of storm drain run-off (very effective) to mitigate our water shortages now and in the future, they're more interested in limiting a land-owners ability to "waste" water by watering their lawns. That's right... If current local legislation were to pass, your 2000sqft front yard will only be allowed to have 500sqft of lawn. The rest of it will be further limited to only indigenous, drought resistant plant life and mulch or rock. Basically, if you own it, its not really yours. Its theirs. So much for having a beautiful front lawn to improve your curb appeal. What about your back yard? Is that subject to this new legislation as well? What won't they reach for next in the quest for more power over our lives?

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