January 19, 2010

The Ball has Only Started Rolling

Fox News is reporting that Scott Brown has defeated Martha Coakley 52% to 47% in the special Senate election to fill the seat formerly held for the past 47 years by the late Ted Kennedy (of NCLB fame). This is a major blow to the Liberal base in DC, and a major boost for the Conservative base. We can't let this end up like the last time we (the Conservative movement, not Republicans) managed to get a head of steam behind us. There is a lot to do in DC right now, and the daunting majority of it is yet to come.

What Republicans, as Conservatives need to do is THEIR JOBS! The unfortunate reality is that the "politics as usual" in DC is not going to go away until the people we elect into office there stop worrying about their job and start actually doing it. The hardest part about being a patriotic American is knowing that your vote and the statement you make with it is only as good as the word of the schmuck you helped elect; that is, if you're lucky enough to have voted for a winning candidate. Well, the people of the State of Massachusetts have asked for a departure from "politics as usual" in hopes that newly elected Senator Scott Brown (R) will do his job instead of work every day and night with incremental legislative change aiming at simply preserving his job. I hope so, too, and I hope this victory inspires voters and candidates alike to take a renewed look at how politics in America works, and how it SHOULD work.

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