January 21, 2010

Think about a War-Zone and You Just Might Have It

People are angry at the US, Fox News reports, because the government isn't doing enough to rescue or recover loved ones trapped in the havoc that is Haiti. I'm not unsympathetic, but if you're mad at the government about their lack of effort take a big look at what we HAVE done, and under what circumstances. The White House reports 1700+ rescue workers under UN control in Haiti, 500 of which are US citizens. Speaking to that, specifically the USCG has committed five capital Cutters and six air frames to the effort, the USN has fifteen capital ships in the area including the hospital ship Comfort, and an unreleased number of aircraft, the USAF is running air traffic control for the entire region, the USMC and USA have both deployed hundreds of troops to the area (seems the numbers are more than just 1700)... Somehow it seems that if you throw everything, including the kitchen sink into the effort things can get a little mixed up. That being said, if, after an overwhelming effort in on the ground and at sea support from the US, you're still upset because we're not doing enough, I would suggest you stop blaming the US government and pick up a shovel.

Post updated at 1830 due to inaccurate numbers related to vessel deployment to the area around Haiti.

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Aii Yahh!!! said...

Are you trying to tell me that Obama does not like Haitian people?

Kanye West! Where you at when the world needs you???