April 18, 2008

The left still has no idea what the right is doing

I know; Its not very difficult to imagine, but this one isn't about national politics. Its more workplace politics. I work for a member of middle management.

My Chief has been in the Coast Guard for 25 years, and although he has not advanced beyond his station he is perfectly capable of doing so. He's happy where he's at. My Warrant Officer has been in the Coast Guard for 25 years as well. They both knew each other from boot camp. My Warrant has advanced to where he wants to retire and is waiting for his cush land billet to pop up (next tour) so he can retire with his Warrant retirement pay. Good for him.

My Lieutenant has been in the Coast Guard for 5 years, not including his time at the Academy. His advancement has been at the pace it is to be expected of an officer. Chances are he will be selected for Lt. Commander and continue on in his career.

Here's where things get fuzzy. My Chief's job is to manage me, and mine is to manage my workforce. The thing is, as a Chief in Training, my job is to do his job, so I manage my workforce, and I do a pretty good job of it. My Warrant's job is to be a liason between the Ward Room and the Chief's Mess for my division, allowing me the networking I need to be able to carry out my job efficiently. The LT's job is to oversee several divisions and make sure their work is being completed so the operations of the Cutter are not impacted.

OPS decided to round-end the EMO by taking a group of seven people from him without telling him. That's right! The Fire Control Electronics Technicians, who have been part of the Operations Department for the past eight months, are no longer part of our department. They are, once again, part of the Weapons department. This happened yesterday, but OPS failed to inform the EMO.

Once again, the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing!

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