May 12, 2005

Step up one and all. It's time for your education!!!

Wow, I'm just speechless... Good thing you don't need to speak to be able to type. So why don't I tell you why I'm speechless? Well alright, here it goes!

I'm listening to Jeff Katz on 910KNEW today, and it seems the Santa Rosa school board has once again decided to take parenting duties away from parents and then fuck them up to hell and back. The Santa Rosa school board has permitted the distribution of birth control to their students as young as 11 (in the case of an advanced junior high schooler). While I don't think that's such a bad thing (they could keep it in high school only), I do think the lack of parental notification of this new policy is criminal. Not only do they disagree that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but they've also decided that a CHILD'S privacy includes the need to keep the CHILD'S sexual activity a secret from the PARENTS. Of course, because the school is distributing condoms, depo and the pill now, they'll know more about your children than you do. Isn't that cool? You can quit your job, stop feeding your kids (the school will take care of that, too), and pretty much just stop being a parent all together, because there isn't much left for you to do that isn't already taken care of by the Primary Indoctrination Boards (read elementary, middle and high school boards).


tammo21 said...

first of all, abstinence does not work with horemone raged teenagers. second of all, why is this such a big deal? If you were doing your job as a parent in the first place, you and your child would have an open enough relationship so that the school didn't know more about them than you did. This is a great idea and will help to stop teenage pregnancies, and make all the girls loose and easy! Wish they'd done that at our schools. haha

The JimP said...

Sure, Jake... Use the same mentality the kids in the schools would use to justify this type of enabling. The REASON parents don't know more about their children than the schools do (other than the biggest reason, which is negligence) is schools don't want any part of a responsible parent to intrude on their little re-education system. That would disrupt the whole balance of their world!