April 14, 2005

I did it, where can I find the willow switch you'll beat me with?

While digging through the few news articles I actually read this morning I found this article which bemoans the lack of personal integrity which has been ingrained in society as a whole over the past few decades. While only having lived two and a half of the last three of those decades, I do have to say I agree with a lot of what Steven Thomma has to say. People in the United States have been brought up on the idea that they are not truly responsible for their own actions. I see this sentiment more and more out here on the "Left Coast" as the education (I use the term loosely) system seeks to absolve parents and students alike of all blame for why schools are not meeting the more than fair standards this country has agreed upon as the minimum required for post high school success. That's not to say the school's aren't just as culpable, but education starts at home in my not so humble opinion, and if parents and children aren't held accountable for their end of the bargain there's no way the schools would ever meet the bare assed minimum, even if that was their goal in the first place. With the utter stupidity being bandied about in educational meccas like Berzerkely these days, I'm starting to wonder if there really is a goal at all...


tammo21 said...

on the contrary, parents are held way too accountable for their kids actions. There is no publication that defines "good parenting" and there is no law on the books yet that requires parents to raise their kids properly, so there's no way for the government to reasonably tell parents what they're doing wrong.

And then you have parents being held up on manslaughter charges when their kid murders someone, even if the parents were nowhere aruond and had nothing to do with the crime. It's pathetic, and one of the reasons I'm never having kids.

The JimP said...

So don't have kids. Parents are not held accountable until their kids do something wrong. And then the only thing they get hit with is liable or some stupid civil suit. If kids don't go to school the parents should go to jail. If kids don't learn in school and they're not handicapped parents should go to jail. People should stop blaming the system (although it's fucked up too) until they address the root of the problem. School isn't day care, it's a place to learn. If your kid doesn't want to learn then it's your fault, not the school's, and there should be consequences for parents who don't tow their end of the line.

jpslayer said...

This stuff has been in effect for a verry long time.
The demoncrats have manipulated the system for years.
The teachers unions, the school board,ect.

If you are not held accountable for any thing no one can judge you. this makes them feel better when they are passing children that cannot read through high school.

But the whole thing is systemic.
there is a reason for it all.

Keep'um stupid.
Keep'um impressionable
Keep'um voting democrat.

its just that simple.. JP

tammo21 said...

So what does that solve? If a kid skips school, and his parents go to jail, what does that do?

1. It teaches the kid that someone else will pay for his mistakes.

2. Now you've got a kid with no parents, and he'll see more abuse going through the system as an orphan, than anything his parents could have done to him.

Children are products of their environments, both their family, and the kids the see at school. There is not currently a law that says you have to raise your kid right, and charging people for things someone else did is just rediculous.

The JimP said...

Punishment for misbehavior is a deterrent to that behavior, not a solution for it. People who misbehave should also be punished for their actions. If parents are held accountable for their children they will do their best to keep their children from misbehaving. If their actions are not good enough then the child will of course have to be punished as well. What you say about a child being a product of it's environment is very true. If parents aren't expected to be responsible for their children then why would the parents who are want to not care actually make the effort? If there is a deterrent it might make them care just a little. Consequences, brother mine. That's what this world should be made up of, but as it is only the completely screwed up have to actually deal with them.

Anonymous said...

The whole system sucks... if a kid or adult F's up we should kill the whole family because they are all to blame! One less mouth to feed through the wellfare system.

jpslayer said...

Well now that is just super.

One problem,

The entire population of the earth would be wiped out.

Or maby thats what you ment.

Is it?
Either way, problem solved.

The JimP said...

Note to all viewers... The actions or ideas mentioned in comments posted to this blog (other than those of the owner) may not reflect the owner's actual views... Especially those left by surf-by readers (read "Anonymous").

jpslayer said...

Well, thats good that you got the leagle disclamer out. its no doubt that A-nonymous has a giant picture of Che Bravara on his bedroom door.

The JimP said...

Yup... Can't get one by on me like that. I'll not stop trying to confuse people with the truth!!!

tammo21 said...

Who da crap is che bravara?

jpslayer said...

ju don know che? he was one of Castros buddies in the 50s&60s. when Breshnev launched the cold war.

The JimP said...

I heard that in recognition of national women's week Fidel thought it'd be nice to give all the women in his country a rice cooker. Well, having just bought a rice cooker, I know how much they cost, and apparently so does good ol' Fidel. He didn't have the cash to GIVE them away, so he sold them to the women at a discount. Funny thing, that... They can't afford the rice to cook in the cooker, but with this wonderful discount, now they can afford the cooker!!! YAY COMMUNISM!

jpslayer said...

Yesss, rice cookers are a perk.
with all the free health care the morons in Hollywood are always crowing about. viva Fidel!!!

Rice cookers, at a discount.
Im supprised that the bastard dident declare a natonal holliday.