April 13, 2005

Cool stuff, and a cool name, to boot!

Craig Mathius wrote this article about the future of wireless network access when it comes to cellular networks. Right now my home computer putters along at a now moderate 3.5Mbps on SBC's xDSL network. I could opt out of my contract with them for a paltry $250 (gasp!!!) to take the leap into cable internet access at 4.4Mbps from Comcast, but the increase in speed isn't enough to justify the end price. At preset I pay $58 a month for a home phone line and DSL, where as I'd be paying almost $60 a month with Comcast after all taxes and utility fees are said and done.

But... Just think of it. I've said this before, and I'll probably say it again. Wireless Access at more than just 1Mbps anywhere I want would be specfreakintacular!!! Right now Sprint (my current cell provider) has a blazing fast 400kbps downlink which, with a wonderful 3 or more bars on the amazingly inaccurate signal strength meter of my cell phone will give me just enough bandwidth to run a 10-15fps video stream with only 30 seconds of buffer time. The actual frame size of the video is about 128x96px, which, on my Sanyo MM-7400 phone still looks like a photo dragged across a cheese grater.

Some day I'll be able to take the next generations of wireless network access and put them to good use. It'd be nice to get a cell phone which I can pass the network connection on to my PocketPC via Bluetooth to get driving directions on the fly, as well as book a hotel room and get an idea of what I can expect for dinner at the end of a long drive to get to where I need to go. It's kind of funny, really... Somehow, sometimes I feel more comfortable dealing with a well designed web portal than I do dealing with a customer service rep on the other end of a phone line. Web portals don't have bad days, and they don't misunderstand clearly typed queries, but I've had service reps who don't speak much English botch the script they're given to read when they pick up the call, and then get frustrated when they don't understand me.

Ah, but now I'm rambling. Read the article. Cool stuff, let me tell you. 14.4Mbps on my cell phone? HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!


tammo21 said...

God you are such a friggen nerd!

tammo21 said...

what can you possibly do with the extra 1.2 mbps?

The JimP said...

Nothing... That's why I haven't taken that leap. It'd be nice to have it EVERYFUCKINGWHERE, though!

tammo21 said...

bah, you need indepenence from the internet. You need independence from "the grid." Ever since I got rid of my celphone, not only am I saving $50 a month, but my life has gotten so much more enjoyable.