May 18, 2005

Whoa now, wait a minute... You want to blow what up?

That's right, kiddies! NASA wants to smash a comet! This story talks about "Deep Impact"; a NASA proof of concept and exploratory project which plans to ram an 820 pound self guided bullet into the Tempel 1 comet in the near future. Problem is, some Russian babe wants to tell them no AFTER the fact. Not only that, but she also wants to claim punitive damages, even if the project is shut down by the Russian courts who claim they have jurisdiction over NASA because NASA has an office in the same building as the Russian embassy. So what's the price tag so far? $279M. What does the woman want? $300M, on top of what we've already spent to further our understanding the universe. Now let me ask you something... What sort of chance do you figure this lawsuit has of ending the "Deep Impact" project? Pretty good chance, huh? Yup, and the problem with that is it will open up a precedent which will allow all whacko retards who believe space exploration to be a waste of time to claim religious reasons for their lawsuit, and NASA, the European Union's Space Administration, the Russian Space Administration, the Chinese Space Administration... Basically anyone who wants to go up there will have to do it politically correctly now because of this utter madness!

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