February 17, 2005

Spending Unchecked or, Please, sir, may I have s'more?

While listening to Tom Sullivan on 1530kHz KFBK today, I heard him talking about the "cuts" in health care and education spending our Governator has proposed for FY06. Having listened to Tom before I know he is a staunch fiscal conservative, and he also has experience on education and hospital boards, so when I hear him say the "cuts" the critics of Arnold are talking about are actually reduced growth policies to bring future spending in line with state revenue growth I would tend more to agree with him than the critics.

I wish Arnold would use the line item veto power he has as Governor and then get people like Tom Sullivan to whack the budget into shape, effectively round-ending the politicians who would bemoan a $2.8billion increase in education spending and a promise for health care review and reform as "cuts". Then we might be able to get our "representatives" to actually represent us, instead of party views for power's sake. I think new blood in the state, local and Federal representation we have would do us and the nation some real good. Right now all we have are people who's sole interest is keeping their jobs and making the money behind them (read "special interests" and party contributors) happy.

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