February 17, 2005

Whoa, let's not be mean... Them's fightin' words!

I know the first two posts I made are pretty long. In fact, I don't think they'll get shorter. I talk a lot, as anyone who knows me will tell you, so don't get too miffed if I'm too long winded for your taste. I'm sure I'll eventually write something you'll be interested in.

And here's the interesting... My fiance is a second generation immigrant. Her family came to this place from China around 1980. They followed all the proper channels and were legitimate immigrants from the day they stepped off whatever mode of transportation they came here on. This type of immigration into the US is 100% legal and provides the newcomers with the limitless opportunities our free country provides for those wishing to come here legally.

In contrast the US is entered illegally daily by an estimated 3500 people from various countries. These people were not documented when they arrived, they were not provided with Social Security numbers or tax identification numbers... There was no indication these people were going to make their presence known to any sort of authority at all. This in and of itself is not a big issue. Our civil freedoms provide for a very private existence, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately for those of us who were born here and those who have come here legally (read this line as "tax payers"), our country has programs in place to provide services to those of us not fortunate enough to be either gainfully employed or independently wealthy. These services have privacy safeguards built in, for obvious reasons. The problem with these services is they provide health and monetary benefits to non-contributors to the system without the requirement of identification or any sort of tracking. So, in effect people who do not provide revenue to run this system of benefits are the only ones who effectively benefit from it.

Well here's where the problem comes in. Because the public health care systems and welfare systems in the US don't require background checks for the most part, or provide for work arounds in the event you don't care to give your name and whatnot, anyone can apply for them. This includes schooling, health care, welfare, and state provided legal representation should you not be able to provide such protection for yourself in the event you're arrested. ANYONE can take advantage of these programs, including people who are not in this country legally. Isn't that great? If you pay taxes you pay for these illegal immigrants to live off the government fat for as long as they want.

How do we solve this? Well, immigration law enforcement would be a start. I know there are laws on the books which provide penalties for illegal entry to this country. And yet I see police patrols drive right by laborer hot spots (scab corners: where illegals hang out and wait for contractors to come by to pick them up for day work) without stopping to question the gathering of illegals. Most of the reason they don't stop is because the first thing any lawyer will say when the cases reach court (of course these lawyers will be paid for by the government (you, the tax payer)) is the police were "racial profiling". Because of our flawed legal system this type of "discrepancy" will nullify any charge which would have stuck to the illegal immigrant. So enforcement is difficult because of "civil rights" (read special interests). In fact, there are groups with large pocket books dedicated to the preservation of the way things work now (crippled law enforcement due to questionable litigation), and they don't want things to change. Protecting not only the tax payers from the bill, but also keeping the odd illegal from committing crimes here without any sort of penalty is the furthest thing from the minds of these special interest groups.

Another way to solve this problem would be to lock down the borders. Without a point of entry there is little chance of illegal entry, right? I'm not talking about complete restriction. There is no reason to stop legitimate immigration. The people who come here legally provide a source of tax payer revenue and economic growth the public can benefit from. Tightly controlled entry points with the facilities for background checks and documentation of those who will come here legally will give them a way in. Then having regular patrols around the rest of our borders as well as walls or fences put up would stem the overwhelming flow of incoming leeches.

Another good direction to go would be to eliminate the possibility of providing illegal drivers with the opportunity to obtain drivers licenses. Not only does this put legal drivers at risk (why would an undocumented driver stop if they get into a wreck? They'd just be deported) with high uninsured driver premiums, but it also gives these illegals defacto evidence of citizenship as promulgated by US code. A driver's license is also proof of US citizenship! Imagine that! So now these people have the right to vote, but no responsibility to pay taxes. Here in California Gil Sedillo (I hope I'm spelling his name right) has re-introduced SB60, a bill which will allow for illegals to obtain citizenship without providing identification or proof of anything other than their birth. No background check, no questions asked, and because of the way things work here, they're also handed voting registration forms. Fun stuff, huh? People who don't contribute and are not here legally are now being ushered into the voting process.

The US Congress has been mulling over a bill which would prohibit the issuance of drivers licenses to illegals. This is mostly because the 9-11 terrorists had a large number of illegal drivers licenses from 8 different states. These IDs were used to gain entry to places these people would have otherwise been denied, including onto a passenger plane, which was then used to bring down the Twin Towers, put a huge hole in the Pentagon, and a scar in New England which now houses the graves of over 200 innocent people.

So I guess it makes sense that enforcement and regulation of our borders would not only benefit those of us who live here, but also protect us from those out there who mean us harm. Who can tell me what detriment it might have to keep out those who want to be here illegally?

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