February 17, 2005

Fighting for what you believe in, not what's popular

Again, on Tom Sullivan's show, I'm listening to Tom talk about how the Democratic Party is scrambling to find the gimmick they need to win over the hearts and minds they've lost in recent elections. The Congressional hold on the right side of the aisle grew in 2004, much to the confusion and dismay of Democrats everywhere (especially where they thought they had it made!).

One big theme nowadays is emulation. Dems want to garner more interest in their ideals by getting their word out in the same way Republicans do, through alternative media; their stranglehold on TV and newspaper outlets hasn't seemed to work, and Rush Limbaugh seems to be doing so well for the Right, what with his show being the biggest show on the planet, ever!

However, emulation, while a high form of flattery, in this case would be counter productive. Rush regularly says he will openly talk about the facts concerning Liberalism as a means of refuting it. No greater example of this is shown than when John Kerry was running for President. The only thing the Right had to do when confronted with something Johnny boy said on the campaign trail was "look at the 21 years he has been a senator. Not once has his voting record or accomplishments shown that his current stance is anything more than a play for moderate votes."

Wouldn't it be amazing if Liberals would just stand for what they believe in for a change, instead of trying to get their point across through deception? That wouldn't work though, because they aren't aligned with what would benefit America, and, as demonstrated by the 2004 elections, most Americans are.

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