February 6, 2010

We need more Leaders, not more Politicians

The "R-Word". How droll. I'm very interested in the R-Words (Ronald Reagan) becoming a household term again. One of the biggest problems with this country right now is that those who believe in the principles set in place by the Founders and reinforced at a time when it was most needed (by President Reagan) have been forgotten by those who govern. A new breed of leader (not Politician) is needed, and this dire need is felt most by those who have lost friends and family overseas without having a real goal for those fighting for Freedom everywhere. This desperate need is felt by those who have lost their livelihood due to over regulation and poor judgment by those who are in a position where both these mistakes can cripple the masses.

The US Government is not our keeper. It never was. The US Government's responsibilities end at the protection of our Freedom and our lives from enemies of Freedom.

Liberalism belief, having a fervor not unlike that inspired by religion, out of the unswerving pursuit of the ultimate goal of "Utopia" forgets or ignores the guidance of our nation's Founders. They want to increase the burden of government by forcing services upon you. They want to punish those who do not NEED the services they want to force on everyone. Services are a form of control when they are not earned. That's why when you go out to get fast food, or a haircut, or lumber to build a good-neighbor fence you have the choice of Mc Donald's vs. Jack-in-the-Box, or Supercuts vs. Joe the Barber, or TrueValue vs. The Home Depot. If one doesn't give you the service you want you take your Dollar elsewhere. You've earned that choice by earning your Dollar. The government under Liberalism doesn't want you to have that choice because they don't want you to take your Dollar anywhere. As far as they are concerned, it isn't your Dollar in the first place, and in their reality you wouldn't have any Dollars to make those choices for yourself anyway. If you were to NEED something the government would provide, and you'd be either happy with the service, or at least not NEED anymore. Of course, NEED would be determined by someone who, in the beginning, more often than not won't know what your NEEDS are. Over time this faceless "someone" will have been so removed from your idea of NEED that you'll be lucky to be given Government Cheese when you're actually lactose intolerant.

The cornerstone destroying problem with Liberalism is that human nature inherently houses a overarching need to achieve more. Liberalism is the restriction or removal of this desire. How else would the government's providing of services better left to the competition of a free market be acceptable? Once a person's ambition is crushed and replaced with poorly met (and often unmet) NEEDS the Liberal government has you, and you now have your "Utopia", where a ruling class provides what you NEED without an ounce more able to be obtained. After all, you don't NEED it, do you? What you WANT is irrelevant.  

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