February 4, 2010

...if you want it or Not!

If the government is so overly concerned about health care costs maybe they should remove restrictions to health insurance competition. There are only 8 or 10 reputable companies in California, for instance, that meet the standards for California's health insurance minimums, and two of them are State subsidised (Blue Cross and Blue Shield). There are 35 Million documented Californians. That competition pool is pretty slim, for that size of a customer base, and doesn't offer much in the way of incentive for the companies to cut costs. If employers are to be encouraged to provide health insurance for their employees it would make better economic sense to allow for competition to drive costs down. Fewer and fewer companies are willing to do business in California because of the high tax cost of doing business, further exaserbating the chances of competition.

TORT reform will also drive down costs, as it has in Texas. Exhorberant judgements in litigation against doctors and hospitals in malpractice suits drives a doctor's cost of doing business up through high malpractice insurance premiums, and that cost is always passed on to the consumer.

Don't like that I talk about healthcare in the terms of it being a business? That is one of the biggest problems with the thought process of Americans these days... It IS business. If you can't afford the cost of participating in the economy its either because you choose not to be productive, or you have a disability that prevents your participation. If you're not disabled then your lack of access is your fault, as access is NOT a right, but a privilage.

Conversely, it would be the same as saying that every American has the right to own a car, regardless of their ability to pay for one. That is Communism, play and simple, and it is wrong, unsustainable, and ultimately leads to the fall of every nation that attempts it.

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