May 18, 2006

Boarder Security First and Foremost, But What Else?

I'm listening to Brian & the Judge this morning, and everyone is freaking out about this boarder thing. Here's the answer!

First, secure the boarder! Everything else is a moot point until that happens. Technologically, physically, both northern and southern, just get it done!

Next, work out a system which will streamline the process to legal citizenship and advertise it! That way people won't want to risk going to jail or paying fines for trying to do it the illegal way, because it will be so easy to do it legally.

Then work out a way to try the existing illegal immigrants on a case by case basis, allowing for penalties to be limited or eliminated in cases where the defendant has made a demonstrable contribution to their society. Also allow this leniency to be applied in cases where the defendant has lived in the US for a given length of time without breaking any other laws. By this thinking, law breakers will immediately be deported. Also, as is now the case, allow defendants who have married citizens, AND had children with their citizen-spouses to stay as if the had been granted a permanent green card. Women who have children in the country will be required to learn the English language in order to prepare their children for the education system in this country. If a child of an illegal female parent enters elementary school after having been born in this country the parent should be penalized for poor parenting. I know that's going to tick a lot of people off, but I know of at least three separate cases in California alone where schools are being sued by non-English speaking families whose children aren't able to pass the high school exit exam because of their inability to speak the English language. This should be a requirement for all American citizens. Period.

For those who haven't been in this country long enough to have been naturalized through the legal process, but have been allowed to stay as described above, and assuming they are fluent English speakers, they should be allowed to apply through the legal process and granted credit for the time they've already spent contributing to US society minus two years (at a judge's discretion).

All citizenship applicants must be able to complete the citizenship test currently administered IN ENGLISH!!! before citizenship is granted.

Let me know if I've forgotten anything. Its a big issue, but it doesn't have to be as complicated as everyone makes it out to be.

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