February 2, 2006

Worst Woot. Ever.

Woot : One Day, One Deal
This site changes daily, so you'll have to get there today, but check it out. There is a media plug just under the "sold out!" graphic which says "Worst Woot Ever Anthem". I thought it was funny. You may not, but if you don't get there before midnight, EST you'll never know!

Just for some background, Woot.com runs a daily, one off pallet sale for obscenely low prices and only $5 shipping. I bought a 250GB WD HDD a few weeks ago for $50! The item changes at midnight, and then that's it, so take a look. Most days they have something snazzy, and sometimes they toss out a DLP HDTV.

1 comment:

tammo21 said...

I'd say this is the worst woot ever, "random crap in a brown paper bag" for $1. hahahhaa