February 1, 2006

Supporting America's Troops is a Political Statement?

Lawmaker's wife told to leave during Bush speech - Yahoo! News
I guess if you don't think the troops deserve support or respect it could be a political statement to express your support for the troops, but to compare a t-shirt expressing a desire to support our troops to a t-shirt which expresses obvious disagreement with the President's decision to continue the war with the insurgency in Iraq is not only poor reporting, in this case it's poor policing. This security officer made a poor choice. The unfortunate part about all of this is he won't be diciplined for his actions because the investigation will find that Mrs. Young was expressing a political opinion in her show of support for America's military. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, though, Reuters reporting of this would lead one to believe the incident is similar in almost every way with the incident where Ms. Sheehan was warned not to protest in the capitol building and did it anyway by exposing her shirt with an anti-war political statement on the front.

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