July 27, 2005

Salem, We have a problem, Or "Who saw this witch-hunt coming?"

Yahoo! News re-postedthis Mercury News story about a Florida lawyer who just can't keep his nose out of someone else's business. I guess the lawyer figures that since Take Two screwed up and left questionable material on the distros of "GTA:SA" and someone found it that "The Sims 2" is fair game. Yeah, it seems people have ADDED CONTENT where CONTENT didn't exist before which allows for the display of nudity while playing the game. The lawyer is saying EA Games should "...get their game back" from hackers who reverse engineer code to alter it. I guess his point of view, if used universally, would allow for a stalker victim to sue the phone company because the stalker managed to get his/her phone number out of the phone book. Yeah, because inappropriate usage of a product makes the manufacture liable. Sort of like with guns? Ever see an unloaded gun just off of the assembly line kill someone? Talk about lack of personal responsibility.

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tammo21 said...

wow big deal, moved from 17+ to adult... such a massive change.

god the esrb is a bunch of nancies.