May 20, 2005

Check that shit out!

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geeks and other such web detritus are starting to crawl out of their caves, and guess what?!?!? There's a Solar Death Ray out there! Check all the quoole stuff they've killed with it!


tammo21 said...

ha, you said quoole. btw, the SDR will be more efficient if they put a magifier lens at the convergence point, focus the beam straight ahead, and extend the forks out farther. if things are burnt with no magnification whatsoever, imagine what would happen with it.

The JimP said...

The problem with that is the focal point is upwards of 1000F. Traditional glass would melt at that temp. Not being a chemist, I don't know what sort of material would stand up to that punishment and still focus where you want them to. Just about anything would suffer from heat expansion... You'd have to start the focusing further back, before all points of light converge to that single point. That way the convergence point would have a big boost in temp. hmmm