March 6, 2005

WiMax to the rescue...

I'm not amazingly knowledgeable about WiFi or it's many iterations, but I do know one thing... The future looks pretty damn cool if you ask me! WiMax coupled with the advent of 802.11n might just end up making wired broadband a thing of the past in metropolitan areas. Think of it; you'd be able to get onto the internet from any device anywhere in any city you want!!!

From what I understand of WiMax the system would work much the same way as 3G cellular networks in that the signal would be usable miles away from the origination (cell tower or user device). Based on what's been published about EV-DO and the newer GSM/GPRS networks there would be downstream rates of 2Mb/s almost anywhere on the network, and it would be an "always on" solution, sort of like DSL or Cable. If what I've read about WiMax comes to fruition the system would only be limited by the amount of resources the provider wants to throw at it (backhaul, bandwidth, cell skipping). Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about annoying things like not being able to take your connection with you? I've read some pretty satisfied anecdotes about people who have used Verizon's EV-DO system where it's been deployed and they all seem to love it. It'd be pretty nice to install telephony software on my handheld and just slide in a CF or SD based access card and chuck my phone. Hell, I'd even consider getting rid of my home phone line and DSL if they would provide the service in a way so I could use it at home and while I'm out. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard, either. Get an SD reader for the PC, drop the card in while I'm at home and then take it with me when I'm on the go.

I'm such a GEEK!!! I was reading about a guy who put a chip in his arm and ran some electrodes up his arm into his spinal column so his implant would interact with his nervous system. Talk about cool!!! Things are gonna get to the point one day when things you see in movies like Johnny Mnemonic and Ghost in the Shell are common place.

Now I know there are people out there who don't like the idea of technology advancing in that direction, but I don't care. With the proper restraint used by those who would be in control of the advancements in technology I think people would be able to make improvements to the human condition in a responsible way. I know that's not a very realistic way to look at things because human nature dictates someone will take advantage to further themselves or their cause, but it's coming down the pike, and if we don't take steps to make it safe before it's here and in our faces someone will have already taken advantage, and then it will be too late. Now where do you think that will put us all? It's just like with Social Security, the public education system and illegal immigration... If someone had been around to think of the solution before these things became the problem they are today we wouldn't have been in the messes we're in now. I know, I know... Not everything is foreseeable, but what do you think will happen if government is given to govern itself without recourse from the people who are governed if those in charge take liberties they shouldn't?

The Public Education System, for starters. Talk about government waste in action. If you've read anything else I've posted you'd see a vast difference between the way the system works now and the way it could work, and it's all because the government took advantage of the situation to make a beast of a system which has grown itself into a bastion of control over those the government is responsible to protect. Now people are pretty much at the mercy of those who are in charge of the system, and because of that there's little in the way of anything to do about it; that is until the people who are in charge take a step back and let the system be fixed. But why would they do that, I wonder... The best way to have a government take care of a public service is to regulate it, not run it. When governments get into the business of providing services to the people they govern it becomes painfully obvious there is a conflict of interests (people in charge giving themselves gifts from the fat pot of gold, that sort of thing). If the regulators have nothing to do with the actual providing of a service then the service will have to conform with the regulations, not the other way around.

Talk about scatter brained. I wonder if there was really a point to all of this. Nope, I guess not. Check out for a good laugh!

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