March 1, 2005

In response...

My brother responded to a Rob, Arnie and Dawn show about illegal immigration, and I like what he had to say. A comment on his post, however, lit a fire in my hair and I had to douse it with this!

First of all, illegal aliens are not "innocent". They've committed a crime, as denoted by their "illegal" status.

After that, think about this... We (California) spend $53M on public schools. It's fast become apparent in southern and central Californian public schools the minority is no longer Hispanic, black, Asian and otherwise denoted "ethnic" groups. Whites make up less than 35% of the student body of more then 60% of the schools in the southern and central Californian school districts (k-12). FREE SCHOOL for criminals. I know, they're kids; how can we punish them. Well, we don't; at least not directly. Their parents are the ones here illegally, and the children really didn't have a choice. So, we send the whole family packing.

They don't pay taxes, they use free services they are not entitled to, and there are legal systems which are government funded to protect more of their rights than ours (citizen tax payers, both natural and naturalized). I for one have a hard time with the idea of paying my taxes only to be told there are people in the US without healthcare because we don't pay enough. If these people didn't exist the healthcare problem wouldn't be as big a crisis as the libs would lead us all to believe.

AND WHILE I'M ON THE SUBJECT!!! Enforcement of the laws already in place to mitigate illegal immigration would be a wonderful start. As it is, border patrol is a misnomer. The police men on the border don't patrol shit. They aren't allowed to leave their immediate areas without substantial regulatory red tape, and if they do happen to catch border crossers in the act they aren't allowed to do much more than detain the criminals until their US GOVERNMENT PAID FOR lawyers can show up and get them all into the country on some technicality. AND, on top of that, at present if an illegal is found to be in the US and brought up on charges there is no detainment once the arraignment is finished. The court allows the illegal to leave the court room to return for deportment on his/her own, without follow-up by the state. WTF-O??? "Uh, yeah... Um, you've been found guilty of a felony, so come back some time and we'll send you back to your country of origin." Uh huh, right... I'm about to go back to where I never wanted to be in the first fucking place. Sure judge.

Enforce the laws, send em packing, and stop their government from tithing the money they send back to their countries from us TAX FUCKING FREE!!! 1/3 of Mexico's GNP is based on importing money sent back home by illegal immigrants in THIS COUNTRY!!! Why the hell should we support Mexico's economy through tax free labor, and THEN let the laborers use our services which are paid for with our TAXES??? What a bunch of bullshit. And it’s not just Mexicans… This happens from all countries who have people willing to risk it all (yeah right) to better their livelihood. Funny thing is, it’s not that hard to become a citizen of the US. If things were done the way they were meant to be done instead of worrying about hurting everyone's feelings we wouldn't have all the messes we have now.


tammo21 said...

I never said the immigrants were innocent. But the CHILDREN of immigrants are. The children if they are born here are citizens, and deserve the right to stay here. They are the innocents, and I'm all for allowing them and their parents to stay here. If we make it easier for immigrant families to become legal, rather than individuals.... Legal immigrants are always more productive and less a drain on the system.

The non-families I say we kick out. It's more noble a cause to cross the border illegally for the sake of your child, rather than for the sake of yourself.

The JimP said...

Alright, so we do it this way... When a family comes here illegaly we either force them to become citizens (thus being liable for taxes). If they choose to not become citizens we deport them. Those who are not tied down by a family will be deported without being given the chance to become citizens, and will never again be allowed to become citizens.

tammo21 said...

Not citizens, legal immigrants. I don't want someone who knows nothing about the country's history, or the rights they are granted with citizenship, sitting alongside me as citizens. Legal immigrants are just as liable for taxes, but do not have citizenship rights.

The JimP said...

That doesn't make sense, man. Legal Immigration is what this country was built around... It's what we have stood for for as long as this country has existed. We need not send away the people who worked hard and long to become citizens. They are the backbone of everything we hold dear; everything I stand to protect. Besides, I'd vouch for some of the legal immigrants I know as knowing more about our countries history than we ever learned in school.