February 24, 2005

Makin' Bank!

So I was thinking to myself, and I says "Self, what say we make some money on the side?" Then I says "Sure thing, buddy. What say you find something we have someone will buy."

So that idea went down the tubes. I ain't got nothing, cept a lot of nothing and some toys to show for it. I mean, don't get me wrong... I have quite a bit, but as far as what someone else would want... All I have are ideas. Jenny and I talk about going into business when I get out of the CG, but that's not for another 14 years, or more...

We want to start a tea house, sort of... Find a place with a nice Asian community (for some reason it doesn't sell well in other markets) and put up a tea house. Kids'll come in and throw away their money on drinks which may or may not be good for them, adults will come in for the Starbucks alternative, grandparents will sit off to the side and watch the world go by. Jenny tells me if we can find the right place to put it we can have three shops right next to each other to cater to three generations of customers. Sounds good to me, but we just have to find the right place. I'd like to be able to find a place that wasn't just Asian, but for some reason (as I said before), people like me; white guys, you know, outsiders; we don't get into the deeper parts of the cultures which seem to support all the things we like to do. I noticed that right away when Jenny and I started dating... There was a whole world of depth to the Asian parts of the cities I've been to which I just took for granted because they didn't concern me. Now that I've been wholly introduced to them it seems I've been selling myself short, as many other people have, I think. I'm not just talking about Asian American culture, either. It's just what's been relevent to me (and if you don't like that, then you'd better be looking at another blog, pal!).

They got this stuff called bolba. They take tapioca dough and ball it up. Then they mix a drink (I like mine kind of like an icee) and while the dough is still hot they put it all together and give it to you with a big straw! You get the cold icee and then the warm dough ball... I guess it'd be an acquired taste, but man is it good. I think my favorite is the caramel apple snow ball... Good stuff. This place called Tapioca Express is where we go. They make fried goodies, too, so it's not like it's just a bunch of drinks and that's it. Fries, shrimp, clams, oysters... You know, all the good stuff a growing boy needs, and then bolba. Couple that with some WiFi for the students with their laptops, put in a nice sound system and keep it open until around 2am? Maybe get a liquor license so you can make the adults happy a couple of times a week... Sounds to me like that would be a nice place to go to get a drink and blow a few hours (not to mention a few bucks). Of course, that's all just a bunch of wishful thinking, and not any time soon, either.

Ah well... Back to work!

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tammo21 said...

good luck with that, you'll get lots of new agers in there.