March 3, 2010

A Liberal Thinktank thinks a Conservative Idea will Work?

In this article posted at Fox News the Conservative ideas regarding TORT Reform as it applies to the health-care industry are getting a thorough going over by both sides. I'm certain the Liberals are trying to gain ground they have already lost and would otherwise lose due to their blithe disregard for the viewpoint of their constituents should they push the shambles of a health-care reform they have now through Congress, but if they're willing to fall on their sword by actually implementing TORT Reform nation-wide based on the example set by Texas it would be a better start than any of the other "reforms" in the bills in the House and Senate as they stand today. TORT Reform on its own restored the trust and good faith in the state of Texas' ability to provide quality health care to its residents. That alone would be worthwhile, but the benefits didn't stop there... Texas is now a sought out work location for the majority of graduating doctors due to TORT Reform, higher pay, higher patient coverage levels and a better work environment in general.

What do you want to bet California will try to find a way to go the opposite direction if Congress follows Texas' lead?

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