January 6, 2010

Where there's Smoke there's Fire

I don't smoke. My wife quit smoking, and when she did smoke it was only at work or while outside, away from those who didn't (including me).

One of my downstairs neighbors does smoke, and secondhand smoke is wafting from where they smoke on their balcony into the ventilation system in my apartment, and thus into every room in my apartment. I'm able to mitigate the smell a bit by running the fan portion of my central HVAC system, but this will invariably increase my electrical bill.

I've made a complaint to the leasing office of the apartment complex. We'll see if anything comes of this. If not, I'm going to start billing them for the excess electricity I use to keep my apartment from smelling like an ashtray.

1 comment:

Aii Yahh!!! said...

I think I'll keep all the doggie bags outside on the balcony from now on. And I don't want to see it, so it will be placed in a bucket that is hanging from a string next to the smoky neighbors. yes? YES.