December 30, 2009

Stupid savings killing people... Do'oh!

After reading this article I was reminded of countless occasions on the Simpson's when Homer would make every effort to complete something correctly, but fail miserably due to his inherent laziness. Best laid plans are no match for the most insistent of idiots. What gets me is that the LED signal manufacturer indicates they had attempted to market the heated lamp fixtures they make to the municipalities plagued with drivers unable to make heads or tails of snow covered signals, but the municipalities weren't willing to spend the money in the first place, and don't seem willing to spend the money now that there has been a significant safety risk involved with their desire to be "green". Saving money is a noble goal, especially when you're trying to be an ethical steward of the public funds at your command, but to completely and publicly admit the expense to increase safety isn't worth it to the city should be grounds for dismissal for whomever made such a despicable statement.

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Aii Yahh!!! said...

You are wrong in your judgement because you do not understand the meaning behind "going green".
Being green is all about saving the environment, it has nothing to do with people!

People destroy the environment, so who cares if they die!

It is everything that "going green" stands for green for:
"green for go - go ahead and kill people"