December 31, 2009

Daily Rants

I'm not sure if I want to do this... Every time I've tried to commit to my blog on a regular basis I've failed to live up to that commitment. Oh well. Here I go again, right?

Today I witnessed several events that really made me angry at, and fear for humanity's future at the same time. While I was at the Fremont American Animal Care Center dropping off Dim Sum I saw another customer waiting to do the same thing. His dog pooped on the tile floor right in the middle of the lobby. I offered the man a poop bag hoping he would use it to pick up his dog's mess. Nothin' doin', buster! This man told me someone else would take care of it, and continued to ignore his responsibility to clean up after his pet.

A woman who was also dropping off her pet walked into the lobby and stood three or four feet away from where the dog had pooped. It became apparent to me the woman had not seen the dog poop on the floor because when she was called to the counter she stepped right on it. I looked up from the dog poop to its owner and saw he had been looking on as well. Of course, he made no attempt to inform the woman she had stepped in his mess, nor did he make an attempt to clean it up after the fact. He did, however, move away from his mess after the woman who stepped into it had mashed it and her movement wafted the smell in his direction.

Eventually one of the cleaning staff for the business came out and cleaned up the mess for this irresponsible sub-human. It would have been a simple act to pick up the poop by the owner, but he wasn't about to do that. The thing that gets me is that the man was so opposed to fulfill his obligation as a responsible pet owner, and so embarrassed by the simple act of cleaning up his pet's mess that he was willing to allow another person to exacerbate the mess by stepping in it, and then was so inconsiderate that he didn't think it was necessary to inform anyone of the fact.

The apartment building I live in has a grassy area surrounding a public, outdoor fireplace. This is the perfect place to walk pets, and as the apartment community is pet friendly, almost everyone does so. The problem is that there are so many irresponsible, inconsiderate, sub-human pet owners here you can't walk your pet on the lawn without stepping in another pet's mess. A little consideration for those around you is all I'm asking. That much is apparently beyond the majority, as was further demonstrated by a handicap-placarded car being parked in two handicapped parking spaces just outside the veterinary office as I walked out.

Really? Seriously? Wow.

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Aii Yahh!!! said...

People that do not pick up after their pets are the same that do NOT flush or wash their hands after going to the restroom!