September 2, 2009

Tax until you can't tax n'more!

When will people get it? The AFL-CIO doesn't have a stake in the taxation of Wall Street... Or do they? There is no reason why a special interest group should even have a say in the way legislation is written, much less be allowed to make an obvious grab at that which is not theirs. If I, as a federal employee, were to go down to the nearest liquor store and "tax" (read: steal) from their register simply because during my last bender I bought copious amounts of beer from them and they should return the favor I did them in profit sharing I'd go to jail! There is no reason this should even be entertained. Goldman-Sachs makes billions of dollars. So what? Their investments drive productivity of businesses big and small. That they make a profit off of their risk in these businesses is only fair. They play their games the same way the liquor store owner plays his; the only difference is the size of the sand box. The AFL-CIO would have the government, through tax revenue, benefit from a complete lack of participation in the market constricting tax being proposed. The government has investments, too. Do you think they would be beholden to the tax man a'cometh? What about Congress Members?

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