January 2, 2009

Gavin Screws-em Again!

Don't drive in San Francisco's Downtown area if you value whatever you have in your wallet. It could cost you a total of $6 ($3 to get in, $3 to get out) for the privilege to drive your vehicle in the Downtown sector of SF if the Mayor and County Transportation Authority director Jose Luis Mosovich. SF has done quite a bit to kill industry in the city. New Orleans has had a horrible time coming back from the damage caused by hurricane Katrina (mostly because of lack of interest in the soup bowl by the bay), but if Director Mosovich is likening the driving problems in SF Downtown to the biggest natural and man-made disasters this country has seen I wonder what his reaction to SF's industry completely drying up because the people who work there can't afford to come to work anymore. As it is, if you work in SF you almost invariably can't afford to live there.

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