August 26, 2006

Seasoned with a Dash of Guilt...

If I were to say I had loyal readers who hang on my every word I'd be lying. I'm a spec on a spec of the blogosphere, and although I enjoy the annonimity I feel I may not be "keepin' it real", so to speak.
My wife started a blog, and ever since she's started she's made a daily post. Granted, the tone of our posts are similar (rants), but her focus is on daily gripes while I've dedicated my little hovel on the net to ripping policies I don't agree with up one side and down the other (I do like to think I give reasonable alternatives to those I don't agree with...).
So I've decided to at least try to make a post every day. I have to give myself an out, though... When I'm on vacation, or when I'm underway, or over the weekend (for the most part), I probably won't be able to be pulled off my fat ass to be bothered with my spec of a spec. I mean, come on! Everyone has a line to draw, right?
Anyway, if you're reading, thanks for sticking around. If not, "screw you guys, I'm going home!"

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