July 19, 2006

Oh my GOD!!! People Piss Me Off!!!

Here's the story. A 14 year old kid sicks his pitbull on two teenage girls (the news report on KTVU 2 News didn't specify their ages). Instead of filing charges against the parents of the CHILD (14 years old is still a child!), they've arrested and filed charges against the CHILD himself. How, exactly, is a 14 year old child responsible for their actions? I mean, I know that a child of that age is capable for independent thought. HOWEVER!!! He is still a child. His parents are ultimately responsible for the behavior of him, AND HIS DOG!!!

If you need more explanation of this concept you should go read someone else's blog!!!

On second thought, nevermind. They don't seem to think you are smart enough to take responsibility for your children.


tammo21 said...

Well the parents are financially responsible, but they didn't commit the crime so why should they get charged for it? If my son kills someone, I'll be damned if I go to jail for it.

The JimP said...

It isn't financial responsibility for a child being mauled by a dog. Its about a parent's responsibility in making sure the mauling doesn't happen in the first place! Parents are the owners of the pets, not the child. They should make sure the pet isn't aggressive enough to maul a child. Not only that, but they should also make sure that if the pet is aggressive the child isn't the one walking it, alone, without the ability to control it should it decide to maul another child.