March 10, 2006

You don't want to teach them about genders, do you?

I'm actually a little flustercated over this... Senate Bill 1473 and Assembly Bill 606 (waiting for Senate approval) combined will force schools to re-write their curriculum in an effort to eliminate "discrimination targeted at non-gender-specific individuals". Basically, the new laws will force schools to eliminate mention of man, woman, father, mother or any other non-gender neutral mention of anything anywhere in the curriculum. Also, because of the language of the laws combined, it will also require the elimination of gender segregated lavatories and changing rooms for physical education classes.

So, if this madness is carried out to its entirely possible conclusion, there will be no indication in biology classes of male or female gonads (essential in sexual reproduction) in one instance. This effectively eliminates the possibility for students in the public school system from learning how mammals and other sexually reproducing organisms reproduce.

Also, since the laws language indicates the need to eliminate gender segregated lavatories and locker rooms in order to create a gender neutral environment teenage boys and girls will be using the same restrooms and locker rooms with the blessing of the schools. Doesn't that sound fun? As if sexual contact between teenagers wasn't prevalent enough these days, now we're going to make it easier by allowing for them to use the same bathrooms. Not only that, but this is going to increase the occurrence of sexual assault because when you put hormonal teens in close proximity where there might not be adult supervision things have a tendency of getting out of hand. And the schools budget (almost 2/3 of the California budget) isn't enough for them to hire lavatory and locker room monitors to eliminate the possibility of these things from happening. I mean, come on! They don't have enough money to pay the people who suggest these stupid laws as it is, how are they going to pay someone $14/hr to stand in the head and watch kids pee?

I really don't know what to say to this. What is truly troubling is the fact that there aren't enough people who might understand what is actually happening paying attention to what is going on to make these bills fail. We'll just have to see what will happen with this, but somehow I think the fallout of these laws will be quite the news maker when parents find out their blond haired little cheerleader 15 year old girl is changing her tampon in the stall right next to the stoner 15 year old boy who's peeking over the stall wall because they're allowed to be in the same restroom at the same time. Not only that, but colleges in California will not be able to take graduates from California high schools for medical programs because these poor children won't be able to be taught the basics of sexual reproduction, which is the basis of why we're all alive today. They'll all get to medical school, start their sexual anatomy classes and not have the slightest idea how these things work, because the only logical reason for babies they'll know about is adoption since sexual reproduction topics in biology and anatomy classes in high school will have been made gender neutral. Sounds fun, huh?


tammo21 said...

sexual reproduction for humans should be taken out of public schools anyway. That's the parent's job, and if not theirs, humans instinctively know how it works anyway.

And what's wrong with co-ed bathrooms? Damn, I wish I was a kid today. Especially since more schoolchildren in California are loose today than ever before.

The JimP said...

It isn't just sex-ed that is going to be ruined. And yes, I do believe it should be up to the parents to teach their children about sexual reproduction. The things I'm talking about are biology, anatomy... The things smart kids hoping to be doctors some day take in high school to further their potential careers. In California they won't have what they need because the teachers won't be allowed to teach it.

And I took the same view of the co-ed lavatories as you did at first, but you have to think about these things from a responsible parent's point of view. No parent wants their fifteen year old little girl peeing in the stall next to the varsity quarterback, regardless of how much the kids themselves might like it. Legislature isn't here to make laws that allow kids the freedom to have sex whenever they want. Its here to protect the rights of the parents in order for the parents to decide when its right for their kids to have sex, if at all. They've lost that vision, I'm afraid.