February 10, 2006

I like the way these people think!

This was found at the Asahi exhibit during a beer festival in Japan. Just a little thanks for why they're still around!


tammo21 said...

please, if your father in law wasn't from asia you wouldn't even have tried asahi. He could have been from Africa and you'd be drinking Castle Milk Stout or something. God forbid he was german and you had more of an excuse to drink guiness. heh

The JimP said...

Not once in your comment did you approach a cohesive though. Asahi was one of my favorite beers before finding out about the darkside, and German beer is pretty decent, too. I like Grolsch, or however you spell it, and Spaten. And anyway, I converted Hoa (who's Chinese, not Japanese (Asahi is Japanese beer)). He drinks IPAs and stouts now.