January 17, 2006

They're still at it!

Slashdot | BellSouth Will Charge Providers For Performance
Now it's BellSouth's turn to bite the hand that feeds them, at least by proxy anyway. As I said in my earlier post, Verizon has started trolling around for moneys from content providers who they say "use our bandwidth without paying for it". Well, BellSouth is jumping on this wagon as well. I can't believe there are people who think consumers aren't completely responsible for what they consume. It's like saying McDonald's is responsible for the price of gas I put into my tank because I had to drive to get to the drive-thru to get my Big Mac on. This logic is fatally flawed and if it does get carried out it would only increase prices for the end user, which are already customers of the bandwidth providers in the first place! Apple won't want to foot the 5 cent bill per download that BellSouth proposed in their press conference, and if they're forced to pay something they'll pass that cost on to the customer, just like BellSouth passes on the federal taxes they incur to their customers. Ever wonder what that "Federal Cost Recovery" line item on your phone bill was? Bingo, baby!

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tammo21 said...

Apple certainly has the upper hand over the ISP, as do all content providers. All they have to do is refuse to pay for customers to access their sites. If the ISP retaliates by blocking access, that's the perfect opportunity to start an ad campaign about how bad that ISP is.

The ISP needs to deal with this on their own, either cap their customer's bandwidth, or find cheaper means to deliver it.