January 10, 2006

Negative Headline Writing pulls in readers!

Police: Schwarzenegger Riding Illegally - Yahoo! News
Ahhh-nold riding a motorcycle is illegal. He does not have the credential on his license to ride a motorcycle in California. HOWEVER, and the story does state this, it is not illegal to ride a motorcycle with a side-car, which the governor was operating at the time of the accident. So, in fact, the governor was not riding a motorcycle illegally because he was operating a motorcycle with a side car. It is this type of irresponsible reporting that has caused such a huge amount of misinformation in the general populace. People are just not informed properly because the supposedly trustworthy media outlets they rely on for information are outright lying to them so they can see the story, or increase the ratings, or whatever it takes to make their viewership increase.

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tammo21 said...

whatever it was, that cut on his lip had to hurt like a beyatch.