November 3, 2005

Hugo Chavez says "The left is back!"

Bush to Visit Latin American Nations - Yahoo! News

So, once again, our president runs on down to South America to try to convince the leaders of Latin American Nations to give capitalism a chance. I don't know why we keep doing this. There's no real result and all it does is give ammo to the people who really believe socialism can acomplish everything capitalism has. Meanwhile, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has decided to stage a 50k+ member demonstration during the summit so that president Bush can see how much the people of Venezuela hate him. Somehow I doubt the information the Venezuelan public is receiving is accurate. Since Chavez and Fidel Castro are good buddies, and it's been proven Castro has little to no compassion for the plight of his people (he goes out of his way to maintain the embargo on his country through strategic displays of defiance to the rest of the world during periods of said embargo's review) or their desire for the truth I highly doubt Chavez is making his people aware of the huge amount of oil money he's not spending on social programs to help his poverty stricken country. Socialism only benefits the administrators, people. The peons and cogs in the machine don't get anything out of it because they can't every get more out of their work than what it takes for them to live. There is no motivation to do more than the bare minimum because there's no benefit for the worker in it. Inovation stagnates and advancement in technology (agricultural, medical or otherwise) stops completely. I know the US is behind places like Singapore, some of Europe and South Korea as far as some tech sectors goes, but there is no way you can say the US drive for advancement of science and technology is anything but spectacular. On the other hand, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and Russian technology and production are all at least a decade behind most of the rest of the world. China is the anomoly in all of this, though. They actually actively trade with the US and most of the western world. They also have very little in the way of human rights groups demanding humane treatment of the workers in the factories and on the farms churning out the products to be sold all over the world and the food needed to feed almost 2 billion mouths. China's advancement isn't because the people in the factories are being rewarded for their hard work but more due to necesity. If they didn't do all the work they do they'd all starve! Kind of like the poor people of Venezuela? Nah, they have socialism helping them out!


tammo21 said...

capitalism already works for them, it's called drug traffiking.

they'd be more responsive if we removed drug bans thus destroying the black market.

The JimP said...

I think so too... If we were to legalize presently illicit drugs and then tax them like we tax alcohol and tobacco we wouldn't have such a big problem with money in this country. We could also set up "safe houses" where people who would pay to use the drugs could use them under supervision and in close proximity to medical care if need be. Creating jobs and government revenue... Isn't that what it's all about?