October 4, 2005

Holy Cow! We're Finally Gonna Do Something???

Bush pushes for new oil refineries - Yahoo! News

Yup... That's right everyone out there on the Right! The President is finally seeing the forest for the trees! Today of all days, as well. When economists are starting to lose their minds because everyone's spending is starting to catch up with their ability to repay the debts they've incurred... One has to wonder if some of that debt, or maybe I should say "how much of that debt" is related to the increase in gasoline and diesel prices. Interest rates are going up and finally someone who's word means something goes out and says "Why don't we protect ourselves by doing something we should have done decades ago? Let's build some refineries!" I know there are going to be libs that will oppose this simply out of principal, but I think that even they will have to shut the hell up because when it comes right down to it they'll have to drive their cars too, and not every liberal is rich... In fact, I hear they actually want to help the poor... I wonder if they're going to fight legislation which will do just that. You can bet money on it!

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