August 14, 2005

Iran backing Iraqi insurgent bombers - Time report - Yahoo! News

I would suspect this story to be something of "front page, above the fold" caliber, and it may well be. I didn't see it before 4pm today, and Reuters reported it for Yahoo! at 3:30pm, so it may be big news tonight on TV and huge in the papers tomorrow. So now we have a link between the terrorists in Iraq and a government influence outside of Iraq. These terrorists have been killing soldiers, civilians and themselves with direct backing from the Iranian government. Now that is not to say Iran is the only country backing terror in Iraq, but there is proof of this link. What gets me is the ambiguous comments made by George Stephanopoulos. He said he's not opposed to good relations between Iran and Iraq since they're neighbors. This is good? He does go on to say the Iranian activities undermine the new system of government in Iraq. Um, duh? That's like saying private health insurance providers in Canada might hurt the publicly run health care system that doesn't work anyway. By the way, that's coming down the pike, too!

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