July 7, 2005

Cow Farts

This story, as reposted on Yahoo! News for Reuters, talks about growing meat. That sound pretty standard, right? I mean, come on! Any hayseed who has read my blog can probably figure out that cows and chickens and pigs (oh my!) grow, sorta like people do, right? Birth, eat, shit, sleep, die; usually in that order.

But, friends, what if cattle ranchers and other meat producers could grow meat in a peatry dish instead of on the ass end of a cow? Well I for one think that's pretty freakin' cool. A buddy and I were talking about the prospects in store for a society raised entirely on fast food. I for one like BK's Shrimp Ceasar salad, but I know how good the Spicy Western BBQ $6 Burger at CJ's tastes. Wouldn't it be nice if them wiley science types could hook us junk food junkies with some low cal, low fat beefage to sate our fix? AND, just to ice that cake a little, the people who right now are paid NOT to grow food or raise cattle by the government for whatever reason can finally not worry about doing their jobs at all... Well, not really. There will always be some whackjob out there who won't be into GMO's (genitically modified organisms). There's a ban in the works on them dealies, you know? Yup, I see signs put up by farmers all across the North Bay Area who are pretty pissed off about their elected officials trying to stop them from growing bug and weather resistant food for them. Ah well. I'm a techie... What do I know, right?


Jpslayer said...

I think its more of an ethics question. If we start messing with genic code in live stock, for human consumption, it could have a slipery sloap.

Im not agenst doing it for sicentific research, dont get me wrong, but, the whole Idea of tweekin the heilix is a little spooky.

When you give the go ahead for such things, it sets president to go further. They start with the idea of cureing cancer, Aids. All noble causes. But the human conditon is that our curiosity overwhelms ethics( HOW FAR CAN WE PUSH IT ) Now we have a whole group of people that would like to treat people for their belief in GOD.

And yet some of them want to treat people for their ability NOT to be gay.

Its a stepping stone. The ethics mean nothing as long as the cause is furthered.

A dark thought, maby.

Anonymous said...

Would a vegetarian eat this meat without the guilt of them killing a living organism? Because you know that plants don't have feelings, just like petri dish meat.