June 17, 2005

What to do with that old laptop???

This Hack was mentioned on hackaday, and I figured I'd take a look. It actually gave me an idea, but since I don't have the cash to spare on a laptop I don't intend on using my hack won't come to fruition. I figure you could do something like this, but instead of putting the thing into a frame why not forget about the frame and make a truly interactive TV? The unfortunate thing about that, though, is unless you're going to fork out the cache for a LCD or plasma (or a really big CRT) the highest resolution you'll be able to dump into the TV without buying a converter is 1024x768... However, at that resolution, and with the right text sizing things don't look half bad. You can watch HDD backups of your movies on the thing just fine. They look really nice on my 26" panasonic (5 years old). I'm actually kinda surprised this hadn't been done already...

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