June 14, 2005

They just don't get it!

This story on Yahoo! News, as re-posted from the AP talks about censorship that the Chinese government dumps on it's people in their efforts to use the internet as an outlet for otherwise prohibited expression. Well, it seems this form of expression has been banned as well, but that's not news. What is news to me, though, is the attitude of the advocacy group lobbying MS, Yahoo and Google to change their practices. The tone of their standpoint expressed in the story is one of blissful naevity; The Communist Chinese government will not allow "subversive" freedoms of speech simply because if 2 billion people start thinking it's alright to rail against the government in a unchecked forum maybe it'll be alright to start acting out in the checked forums as well. That would be wonderful for us, because it would help start the spread of a democratic tone in China, and maybe it will help break down some borders which otherwise will stay intact forever, but the Chinese government can't have any of that. Communism doesn't work if the people learn to enjoy any sort of freedom beyond that which is closely monitored by the authorities. Sorry "Reporters Without Borders", but unless the government is broken apart they're not going to give up the intoxicating amount of control they have over 2 billion souls. We all wish they would, but you should be realistic. And don't hold it against MS, Yahoo and Google... They're just trying to make a buck. There is no way they'll be able to "pressure the Chinese government to ensure a more democratic process" because China won't allow it. If these companies won't sell their services to the government controlled companies they have in China then the Chinese government will provide those services itself. That's how Communism works!

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tammo21 said...

exactly, it's not up to US companies to try to change the government in china. If the people have a problem with it, then they should change it. It's their problem if they let their government control them, not ours.