June 20, 2005

Military Pay and Benefits are starting to look good!

I just read an article in Navy Times which talks about how the DoD Pay Panel is current pay practices for the
military. They all seem to agree that the system was modeled after a conscription type of service where it
was assumed people won't be in the service for more than a few years, and the only people the military
would have to worry about paying retirements to would be long service officers and senior enlisted. They're
talking about making changes to the system so people who advance early get special benefits for being more
productive. They're also looking into having the government have a percentage matching contribution to
the Thrift Savings Plan for ratings in high demand (like the ET rating?).

I also read they are looking into making in country tours last significantly longer to provide the
opportunity for spouses to persue careers. Because of this they're looking at changing the Housing Allowance
system to allow members enough housing income to afford purchasing a home instead of only enough to

I have to say, I like what I'm seeing in this report. I only hope they work things out so the Coast Guard
benefits from this, but based on the way things work for the Coast Guard right now, I'm not too worried. If
things come out like they are looking to, the military won't have the stigma of being nothing but a bunch of
broke misfits anymore!


Tall and Mad said...

This sounds nice for the lifer, but what about the guys who are not in demand? What do they get a thank you for joing but we don't need you. That my friend is not fair.

The JimP said...

Is it fair in the private sector? If you're not needed there then you get the boot as well. The military wasn't designed to be fair. It was designed to protect you. It doesn't have to be fair. And besides, there's not firing in the military. You either make the cut and advance far enough to retire with a nice pension, or you get out of your own accord. The military won't fire you or lay you off unless Congress says it has to. And anyway, who's fault is it there are guys who aren't in demand? If you don't make yourself attractive to an employer it's your own fault when you get the boot, if you ask me.