June 27, 2005

It's Mine Dammit!!!

This AP story pretty much hits my generation on this nose, I'm afraid. 20somethings HAVE been given the world on an increasingly more lavishly gilded platter. The unfortunate side effect of Baby Boomer parents giving into childhood whims as easily as has been the case is that these "not so much children anymore" now want their cake and still be able to eat it. Problem is these kids (yes, they're still kids) don't have the skills they need to be able to demand the entitlements they think they deserve. Here's an example...

A kid fresh out of high school, right? Should know how to do some things, but hasn't finished college, and so she's an adult with little to no real world experience. Now she's trying to get a job. Without some sort of skills her employability is pretty limited. That being said, if she looks at a job listing and sees something she can do she's going to apply for it, right? Great! So now we have a woman who is capable in her own right going up for a job that may or may not have specific skill requirements. As is the case in any industry, proprietarity is the name of the game. Each business has their way of doing things, but the generality of it all is the same. Someone doesn't need to know HP's way of digging through their database to be able to know how to dig through a comperable database and be taught the proprietary system. The problem is there are people apply for jobs with a defined skill set who don't have the skills on a basic level, as is the case with our high school grad. Bummer! Does that mean she doesn't get a job? No, not really. It just means her job probably won't be sitting at a desk banging away at a computer. Probably more in line with a service job. This line should be read as manual labor. Well who wants to do that? No one, and our kid doesn't think she has to, either. There's the rub... She's not employable without skills, but she doesn't want to do the work she's qualified for. MOMMA!!! I need rent money and food money while I go to college to get skillioz!

Great, so now the kid goes to school for four years without being required to be responsible for herself. She's been GIVEN the best education her parent's (or the government's) money can buy. Still hasn't had to work a day in her life except for doing her homework and sitting in on lectures or other displays of academia. Great, so now she's employable, right? Sure thing, bucko, but not how she wants it!

Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you employers want experience from their employees? Well that's a fault on the employer. You see, the job market is a two way street, and unfortunately the people paying for services rendered don't want to spend extra money to train someone once the original budgetary decision has been made to actually get that body. SOOOOOO, if they want to hire someone it would make sense to hire someone who has the experience to do the job, right? Well, if you're looking at hiring new young blood you'll not find experience, but you will find someone willing to do a job they think is worthy of their skills... Not the best attitude, but that's what you get from the Instant Gratification Generation. Now gimme what's mine, dammit!!!


JPSLAYER said...

Yes, it dose make sense. first these same kids experince the scoreless baseball game. scoreless because they dont want the real shitty kids to feel, well shitty.

Next comes the grading curve. Well, we wouldent want to make the dumb kid feel dumb would we?

This socitity is over joyed to celebrate medeocrity.

This is why, I think, the grads have high expectations. they are still waiting for the pizza party after the game.

tammo21 said...

that's a part of life, disappointment. Just like those kids who get out of high school and realize that they have to bust their ass if they want to get the skillz to pay the bills. Simply darwinism - adapt or die.