May 31, 2005

When will they get it?

Japan obviously doesn't get it, either! Games are rated mature for a reason. It's the same reason movies are rated R or NC17, or, dare I say it, XXX!!! You wouldn't allow a child into the back room of a video store, would you? So why do cities and states have to pass laws banning the sale of something retailers aren't supposed to sell to minors anyway? That's like saying "we're going to ban murder". Um, guys? Yeah, um... It's already freakin' illegal! Retards!

1 comment:

tammo21 said...

eh just let em ban it. They'll be surprised when they find out that it does nothing except increase the demand for it. Governments will never learn that banning things only makes them more valuable.

but then again, they don't have the same kind of constitution for japan that we have here. There's no protection for freedom of speech or expression for them, so it's their problem.