May 31, 2005

Stripper AVS

Yup, that's what I said! Strippers now have to have some sort of Age Verification System on their person at all times so they don't become liable when parents pay for their services to entertain their underage teens. It seems a mother paid a stripper to entertain her 16 year old child and his friends for his 16th birthday party. Nice, huh? Now, as a guy I'm thinking "What a lucky bum! I didn't get that as a 16 year old!" As a responsible adult however, I'm thinking maybe this is just a little wrong. Alright, so the woman has no problem making this type of activity available for her child, but she also provided a means for the kids around the neighborhood to participate. Did their parents know? Nope, not at all. All of them are part of a law suit against the mother. Quoole beanies!

I heard all of this on Jeff Katz's show on 910kHz KNEW today. There was also the question about whether advertisers should have questionable material in their commercials. So, although I actually enjoy the racier side of life (being a 26 year old military guy), I don't think showing condom commercials during prime time is such a good idea since there will be children watching right next to their parents. HOWEVER!!!, I do think parents, with ample knowledge of what they can expect to see on television (lets face it, sex, lies and video tape sells) SHOULDN'T hold the industry accountable for their lack of parenting: i.e.: allowing their children to view something they themselves find inappropriate for child viewing.

Read back in my blog a little and you'll see just how much of an advocate of parental responsibility (and personal responsibility, for that matter) I truly am. Adults are responsible for themselves and their children PERIODEXCLAMATIONPOINT EXCLAMATIONPOINT EXCLAMATIONPOINT

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