March 8, 2005

Women are less corrupt???

In all the hubub about whether or not Hillary Clinton will be nominated as the Democrat candidate for the 2008 Presidency it has come to light that Mrs. Clinton believes women in high seats of power are less susceptible to corruption than their male counterparts. Somewhere it seems Mrs. Clinton has lost her marbles. There are female teachers who have taken advantage of their position to entice male students into bed with them. Now most everyone will admit a teacher isn't a very high seat of power, but when a 27 year old woman has supervisory and judgmental authority over 25+ 13-17 year olds somehow the idea of high seats of power really kinda blurs.
Then there's the whole thing about Boeing's CEO having an affair with another high ranking executive in the same company. It seems there is no culpability for the woman in this, and I think there is a slight chance she may be just the smallest bit corrupt for her lack of compunction in not stepping down from her position. The CEO's dismissal is warranted; he's the face of the company. How can the company be trusted if the public face of the company has soiled itself with a Scarlet Letter? Now think about the woman's situation in the same light... She's been brought to the forefront of the company's public visage because of her involvement with a known married man. Not only has she brought discredit to herself as a temptress (just a little bit of corruption there, huh?), but she has also brought discredit to the company she serves by proving she is less than trustworthy. I say they both should have been removed from their positions for their equal amounts of corruption.
Power corrupts everyone. The fact that a woman may hold the same seat as a man is irrelevant. At some level the person with the power will become measurably drunk with it, regardless of how benevolent they were before the power was bestowed upon them. This is why we need to have a checks and balances system in place for the judiciary branch of the government. There are too many judges who make law from the bench instead of interpreting law as dictated by the Constitution. Ah, but what do I know? I'm middle management, so I must be a little corrupt too.

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