March 10, 2005

Representative Accountability

Why would someone who can make up their own rules hold themselves accountable for their own indiscretions? Well, maybe, just maybe, because its the RIGHT THING TO DO!!!
This just in: The Hill has released a report detailing some pretty interesting indiscretions which have been undertaken by our elected officials. It seems they've decided their own financial stability isn't really a valid measurement of their fiscal responsibility while they are employed as stewards of your tax dollars. Nice to know, huh?
These people are also in charge of quite a bit of National Security related information. As a member of the military I know some of the ins and outs of the requirements to hold a security clearance (which is required of all congressmen, by the way), and let me tell you, if I were to disclose a debt to earnings ratio of 1.5:1 I'd lose my clearance in a heartbeat. There are also rules in the Uniform Code of Military Justice which provide for significant punishment should I become unable to handle my own financial situation.
Since these elected representatives are responsible for not only their own financial situation, but also the finances of our country, don't you think they should be held accountable for both sides of that coin? I think so too... In fact, I think they should also be held to the entirety of the UCMJ. If I have to be held to a higher standard because I represent the country and the military in everything I do and say don't you think these people should be held to that same higher standard?
Yeah, fat chance of that happening. As we speak I'm being investigated by the very people I'm criticizing to see if there is a reason they might be able to release me from the military with a huge punishment tacked on just for opening my big, um... keyboard; all the while they're going to charge off some of their debt on their expense accounts and then ask themselves for a pay raise. Well I can safely say I'm not leaving the military anytime soon, and if they think they can find something they can kiss my ass, cause there ain't nothin' there 'cept bad grammar and poor engrish!

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