March 16, 2005

French firees...

Actually, that's a contradiction of terms. It seems France's Communist Party, which has huge political sway in the country, decided the proposal in front of the French legislature to lengthen the work week to 40 hours (up from 35 hours), and to allow employers to fire employees for specific causes (you know, safety concerns, lack of credentials, incompetence... Things you should be fired for) wasn't a very good thing. The party called a nation wide strike, and guess what? Those frog suckers stopped working for the entire day the strike was called on. Isn't that wonderful for socialism?
It isn't bad enough that the French unemployment level is upwards of 10%, but the lack of recourse for employers to dismiss employees who are not productive, lack credentials or are simply incompetent makes employers not so willing to hire ANYONE!!! And I can't say that I blame them, really. If the communist movement can call a nationwide strike simply because the government wants to legislate what we here in the US would consider normal working conditions then maybe (if I were French) I'd think about moving my happy ass out!

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tammo21 said...

You forget one thing, the french voted those fuckers in in the first place.

that's hella funny, I wonder what those commies will think when their tax revenues suffer. buncha dipshits.