February 25, 2005

Google Online Book Plan Sparks French War of Words

PARIS (Reuters) - France's national library has raised a "war cry" over plans by Google to put books from some of the world's great libraries on the Internet and wants to ensure the project does not lead a domination of American ideas.

So, basically, to make France happy (I know, way up at the top of my list...) we have to include their books too. No prob, I guess. I mean, they have libraries there just the same as we have here. The head librarian from France said in the above article that he's not against what Google's doing, but he wants the EU to do the same thing to "balance out the idealism". He said he doesn't want the French Revolution to be told only through what's in our books cause "it's not ours to tell". Fine, shit for brains, do the work yourself and stop crying. Yeah, yeah, I know... You said you want France and the US to work together... That's great... Get your PM to take his head out of his ass for more than only when he needs a shield from the big bad terrorist man; oops, I mean insurgent man... Can't go saying terrorist to a terrorist... It might hurt their feelers... FUCKING IDIOTS.

On a lighter note, for all you military members out there (yeah like you're all gonna read this): DON'T STAY AT MOTEL 6!!! They're a French owned company and if you were going to get a deal on a room before they find out your military the managers are authorized to take that deal away just because you are military... They trust in the fact you're not gonna take them to court. Pretty nice of them frog suckers, huh?

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