February 16, 2005

California's Taxing for Taxing's Sake

Alright, get this. I just started this thing, and already I have something to rant about. Anyone who knows me (and all you who will continue reading this past the first few words (ah who am I kidding?)) will know I listen to talk radio a lot.

Well, Mark Williams (KFBK 1530kHz - Night Talk Live) has been talking about California's bright idea on how to recoup revenue lost to people driving smarter with more efficient vehicles.

Yup, that's right! The people of California are actually going along with what the EPA and all the environuts have been ramming down our throats for decades now about global warming and the evil four wheeled smoke beast we all use to get to work (so we can pay our taxes?).

California DMV directors are going to submit a proposal which would direct the legislature to impose a per mile driving tax on all automobile operators within the state. Thing is, we here in California already pay about $0.18 on the gallon to buy gas now. Do you think if they're trying to recoup revenue "lost" to smarter driving they'll remove that tax in lieu of the new one? HELL NO!!! I'm sure with the intellectual giants (read: pinheads) we have in Sacramento spending entirely too much time "thinking" about how to separate their constituents from their hard earned cash so they can pad their pet projects out to infinitum are wringing their hands right now on the prospect of a DOUBLE TAX for DRIVING YOUR DAMN CAR!!! ARGH!

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tammo21 said...

all the more reason to get out of this dumbass state.